Last night I dreamt I went to Ash Park again

titlecardyTitle card for the gloriously over-the-top but still genuinely effectively TV show A Place To Call Home. Bought to you by PAYNE’S GREY, apparently.

I attempted a homage to film posters from the 40s and 50s, and was of course reminded of Rebecca. The looming, huge house (a real place, called Camelot in real life, Ash Park in the show) brought to mind Manderley.

Above Ash Park, Elizabeth Bligh looms – the matriarch, the leader of the empire. Her worried grandson James serves to inherit, but feels anxious, unable to live up to family expectations – while underneath, the evil Regina lurks, undermining the whole Bligh dynasty. Meanwhile, Sarah and I are separate from the house – outsiders. Sarah, an outsider in the town; I, an observer of the show itself.

Title cards can be hard – I decided to use a new watercolour paper that came in a pad rather than a block. Not my preferred way of working – far more prone to buckling. My composition is also very off. I tend to forget the dimensions I need to make a good title card (significantly narrower, more of a 16.9 than a 4.3) so my work expanded to fit the paper. Oh well!