by louisagiffard

There Will Be Blood woodcut

A title card for Paul Thomas Anderson’s fantastic, grandiose 2007 movie There Will Be Blood. The film has a pretty incredible aesthetic. It’s so dramatic. I thought that if any film deserved to be a woodcut – that wonderful stark, expressive medium full of painstakingly hewn lines lines and yawning blacks- it was this one. God I love woodblocks!

I haven’t had much time on my hands lately, so while I managed to cut a block I didn’t have time to go to a print studio and print it properly, with a press. So this is printed with oil-based ink (appropriate for such an oily movie!) at home, using a baren and a spoon. I hope for a more even pressure and a denser black next time.

A final note: the first woodblock I ever did in my life was of Daniel Day-Lewis, featuring him with a Wilson’s bird of paradise.

(It’s a very rough block, but it’s literally the first one I ever did!)

Something about the man’s very expressive face makes him a great subject for woodcuts, and I’m amused that this is the second time I’ve depicted him in this medium. I’m also wishing that I had the time to do some larger blocks again – it’s a lot easier to depict the details of a face when the whole face is a4 size, rather than trying to chisel out a likeness of a person’s face less than 10 cm square.