A torrent of title cards!

by louisagiffard

Dear me, I haven’t updated this site in quite a while. Partly this is because I’ve been very busy with my course, partly this is because I don’t feel that the work I’ve been creating has been particularly scintillating and stellar. But I may as well share some of the title cards I’ve been doing for my show. 

House of Cards/Halt and Catch Fire

House of Cards and Halt and Catch Fire! It’s supposed to have the look of one of those great pieces of Atari box art, a style that turned out to be very hard to emulate, especially when I wasn’t using the same techniques and media as the original artists.

The following works are for my series on four Dirk Bogarde films. I thought I’d be depicting Dirk Bogarde far more than I ended up doing – he’s only in two of these. They are all done on Stillman and Birn sketchbook paper, which seems to only be available in the US and Canada (I picked up some while I was in the DC area.)

Dirk Bogarde

Dirk Bogarde in Modesty Blaise – looking suspiciously like Charlie Sheen

This is Stilman and Birn Alpha Series, supposedly good for dry media and light washes – but I found it worked very well with the use of a little watercolour.


Victim (1961)

The Servant (1963)

The Servant (1963)

The title cards for Victim and The Servant were done on Stillman and Birn Zeta Series, which is a smooth, hot-press, heavy duty surface that is supposed to be good for wet media. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to react well with waterproof ink, and watercolour also pools and blotches and dries with frilled edges on its surface, as if the surface isn’t absorbent enough (you can very clearly see the results of this in my large areas of wash). Maybe it’s supposed to be used for acrylic or oil?

Bearing this in mind, I turned back to the Alpha Series for my next image.

Death in Venice (1971)

Death in Venice (1971)

You have no idea how long it took to paint all those stripes! It’s fun painting a striped or patterned surface though, because it’s easy to indicate shape and depth without even using shadows or highlights. This work is incredibly flat.

I’m currently on a mid semester break, so with any luck, I’ll be able to speed up my painting, and maybe even turn my attention to some prints!

Oh, and just as an aside – here’s a fashion illustration I did for class. I designed an outfit for David Lynch, so now you get to see what David Lynch would look like as a fashion figure!

David Lynch design