The most lavender of marriages

by louisagiffard

Ah yes, a title card! It’s been a long time since I’ve had an opportunity to a) put myself in a title card and b) make it kind of stupid.

Some movies are hard to turn into visual interpretations, because they’re not movies you’d really remember for their visuals. The 1990s gay comedy In & Out is one of those. You can’t really represent the irritating camp nature of I Will Survive in an image, so I took a different approach.

It's your wedding, I hope you're having a nice time!

It’s your wedding, I hope you’re having a nice time!

It’s rather fun doing something nearly in monochrome, and having the opportunity to draw a hundred near-anonymous people rather than fussing about likenesses. Doing everything in lavender does make me feel like I’m colouring a panel of The Phantom though.

I just realised this is the second time I’ve drawn a crowd of vague blurry people in a church.