Louisa Giffard

Month: August, 2014

The Colour Scheme

When I walked into a second hand store and bought a ludicrous striped shirt in 2008, I had no idea how much that shirt would come to influence my work. Yes, whenever you see this incredibly obnoxious combination of colours, it’s because of that impulse purchase – of a shirt that was obviously far too garish for its original owner. Whenever I’m too uncreative to think of a good way to incorporate myself into a title card…out comes the colour scheme! It’s just a very convenient shorthand for my show.


I think I’ve managed to employ it to new heights of hideousness this time! Hopefully a hideousness that’s so eye-burning, it becomes almost compelling. At least that’s my excuse. The picture still works if you convert it into black and white, by the way.

You’re tearing me apart!

Before that line was associated with the heinous antics of crater-faced Tommy Wiseau, it was said slightly histrionically by James Dean, in his most famous movie, Rebel Without a Cause.


One of the main things I learned from this movie is that to be regarded as a chicken is the worst thing of all. (Kind of funny, considering that the director was a bit of a chickenhawk himself, so the constant chicken motif has an added dimension.)

Oh, and fathers who do any sort of housework are unmanly and terrible, and should be hitting their wives in the face instead. Hooray!