Gimme 20 dollars?

This is the title card for Sara Dane, which is a more than moderately horrendous period drama based on the life of convict businesswoman Mary Reibey – whom most Australians would know by face, if not by name. Yes, she’s the woman on the $20 note. Now, Australian currency has several sophisticated counterfeiting measures in place, in order to make it extremely hard to replicate. However, for some inexplicable reason, I decided it’d be a great idea to put myself to the challenge.


I could have just done a pink/red wash, but why take the easy way out? It turned out a bit more orange and less red than I would have liked, and has a lot of the ever-so-wonky touches of something done by hand, but that’s part of the “charm” of traditional art, I suppose. Certainly one of the most complex title cards I’ve done, and it was an enjoyable challenge.