Creative Bankruptcy

by louisagiffard

Ah yes, the title card. Sometimes I come up with an absolutely wonderful way of depicting a movie, while showing my spin on it. Other times…what I’m talking about is nearly impossible to turn into a nice little snappy image. Sometimes it’s because the source material is set in one room, so the shots are just people talking to each other, with flat lighting and boring props and nothing creatively inspiring. Sometimes the themes of the episode are too serious for me to be able to think of a way to jam my rainbow-clad self directly into the image (which is why I often use the colour scheme to represent myself instead, as a cheat.) Sometimes, in the case of this illustration – the camerawork is so tight and handheld that we don’t ever really get nice, classical shots of the actors, or crisp shots of the location, or anything that isn’t shot over someone’s shoulder or directly into someone’s nostril. Which brings me to Southland.


Sometimes it’s just easier to..just paint something. Creative? Not particularly. But it’s better than stick figures. (I added the “patented infamous queer colour scheme” to the work later, but I like it best in black and white.)

WHAT’S BEHIND THE FRIDGE, PEOPLE. Let’s just pretend it’s me, sitting there in my shirt, and they’re giving me this disapproving look, like “why are you hacking bits out of our show, Louisa, why.”