You’re mine. You’re everything that counts.

by louisagiffard

“You’re wrong!”

So, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a straight-up one coloured drawing, and I’ve missed the process with the pencil. This is a title card for the 1968 drama The Sergeant – or at least, the unfinished version, before I put the patented Infamous Queer colour scheme on it. But I prefer it without the colours. There’s just..not really another way I can make it a title card, in my mind – I suppose I could have drawn myself instead of Swanson, but since the gun’s in front of his face, no one would have been able to tell (apart from, of course, the fact that Swanson does not have tiny baby hands like I do.)

But enough talk about a movie that none of you have probably seen! Here, have the title card.

The Sergeant