The Killing of Sister Twist

by louisagiffard

Just putting up two title cards I did recently.


This title card is for The Killing of Sister George, about a grumpy lesbian actor in the 1960s. I was originally going to do it in the style of one of those sordid lesbian pulp novel covers – but then I found out that the original poster art essentially was already in that style, so for me to repeat the same thing would have been redundant. So instead, we get something which is…low-effort, but on some level effective. My colour scheme, applied to the main character.

This didn’t take me very long to paint, unlike the next one.


This illustration is for Twist – one of two male prostitute Oliver Twist movies in existence. That green singlet thing figures in the movie as if it has some kind of significance. I don’t know why.
Pretend the bad framing of the image is an artistic choice – in actual fact, it’s due to bad placement when I was sketching, and then not being bothered to redraw all the figures 1 cm to the left. They were all initially mapped out in green, which gives a very weird effect to the flesh tones (blue or brown would be a much more logical choice – but there seemed to be so much green in the image that it seemed logical.)

Both images are watercolour, and in the case of the first one, a bit of ink.