You’re like…an animal that’s just been skinned!

by louisagiffard

Little Ashes

Now, just in case you don’t know, I did a visual arts degree, with a significant theory component. I also work in a national art gallery. As a consequence, it’s safe to assume that I know a reasonable amount about art…but for all that, I haven’t tried to pastiche or parody many artist’s styles before. Nor do I know much about surrealism (I think I skipped out on that particular lecture.)

That said, I’m about to review a movie about Dali, so this is my attempt at a dali-esque title card. I wanted to do something more in his actual style, rather than just lazily slapping melting clocks over everything, so I’ve haphazardly arranged strange objects from the movie into the most appropriate composition I could think of and stuck it in the middle of a desert. I think it works.

I haven’t painted with acrylic for a very long time (I know Dali would have used oils, but fume-bearing paint in one’s own bedroom is  not a good plan), so when I began, I was completely unprepared for the way the paint behaved. Drying in 2 seconds flat? Argh!