The summit of queer cinema


So I originally wasn’t going to do an episode on Brokeback Mountain, because I thought the movie had been discussed so much there was no point me even mentioning it – but then I realised that a good deal of people only knew about the movie from extended memes and cultural references – most of which were merely very scant, very generic gay jokes. But what is Brokeback Mountain but the very height of queer cinema – the literal peak of the “genre” in people’s minds? (oh, all these terrible mountain puns.) Plus, I have a personal perspective. So, an episode was in the making..

And an episode needs a title card!

In case you wonder why most of the people in my title cards have a very sort of “soft” look about their faces, it’s because the paper that I use isn’t strong enough to withstand tiny pencil markings. And the paper I used to use didn’t respond well to watercolour. One day I’ll find a sort of paper which can withstand both pencil, erasing and wet media and isn’t extremely textured or insanely difficult to obtain. That’ll be a great day.