Women of war

by louisagiffard





An illustration of the TV show Bomb Girls. Even in war work, they seemed to be very brightly dressed. (Maybe we can learn something from them when it comes to winter fashions? Most winter clothes these days seem to be extremely drab. Still..there is absolutely no way I’m going about with bare legs in winter, simply because I like not having frostbite.)

As an aside, my name actually means “Famed Fighter” – so here’s another illustration featuring myself and weaponry.

Bad Archer


Inspired by the idea that I am..not actually a terribly good archer (a heavier bow resulted in me changing my arm position midway through shooting, meaning that I was continually hitting myself in the arm), I began to wish that there was a film called Bad Archer, which would be similar to Bad Lieutenant. The Bad Archer would be dangerous precisely because they were terrible at archery, and would be addicted to pain medication because they would repeatedly strike themselves in the arm with the bowstring. The Bad Archer would also be inexplicably naked on at least one occasion. And so..I was inspired to draw myself as Bad Archer.

There is of course a fully nude version, without the text censor, but I’m not sure of the protocol on posting naked illustrations of yourself. Maybe people don’t want to see a realistic picture of me naked? In any case, here is the version without text if you would like to see it.