Male Prostitution Movie Comparison Illustrations!

by louisagiffard

That’s quite a title. This is for a review, which I decided to approach in a relatively serious fashion. Serious, however, means “serious illustrations” – which means a serious amount of time. God, I must have spent more time drawing these than I spent actually editing the review. Since they only appear in the actual review for 8 seconds each, at the most (one of them only appears for about 2.5 seconds), and they took me so long to draw, I’m putting them up here. Enjoy!

Ah yes, when you can't decide what colour to make the background so you chose "ALL OF THEM"

I really shouldn’t do watercolour on cheap sketchbook paper. It scans like crap!

To understand these images, you might just have to go out and watch My Own Private Idaho and Midnight Cowboy. And for my next review I feel tempted to draw..stick figures.