Can you really sum up everything in one picture?

by louisagiffard

I shouldn't ever use watercolour on cheap paper. I'm an idiot

I had to sum up my entire webshow in one picture. I frown a lot's me frowning. Naturally.

I have had people contacting me, asking why they can’t subscribe to my internet review show and I worked out that the reason why was that I hadn’t done a header image, something I’d been putting off for a long time.

Most art for the internet is done digitally, and there are several reasons for that. Often it’s quicker, and easier to control. The art is already on the computer, so there is no need for scanning or photography. And one never has to deal with problems like the work being too large to effectively scan or photograph, or the paper or media reflecting the light badly, or being slightly uneven, causing unsightly shadows.

That’ll teach me to use watercolour in a sketchbook, rather than using watercolour paper, or 100% dry media.

I had to do an image for my blip show page. This is a difficult task, because my show is about several different things, meaning that each title card shows me reacting to something specific to the movie or TV show I’m reviewing. I couldn’t reference anything. I had to be as generic and bland as possible, but still have the image be about me. 

I shouldn’t have bothered doing an image this detailed (since it scanned so unevenly and isn’t 100% recognisable from a distance), although this has to be the first time I’ve really drawn my shirt properly.