Louisa Giffard

Month: April, 2012

Male Prostitution Movie Comparison Illustrations!

That’s quite a title. This is for a review, which I decided to approach in a relatively serious fashion. Serious, however, means “serious illustrations” – which means a serious amount of time. God, I must have spent more time drawing these than I spent actually editing the review. Since they only appear in the actual review for 8 seconds each, at the most (one of them only appears for about 2.5 seconds), and they took me so long to draw, I’m putting them up here. Enjoy!

Ah yes, when you can't decide what colour to make the background so you chose "ALL OF THEM"

I really shouldn’t do watercolour on cheap sketchbook paper. It scans like crap!

To understand these images, you might just have to go out and watch My Own Private Idaho and Midnight Cowboy. And for my next review I feel tempted to draw..stick figures.


An exploration of decoration

Based on a short line in an essay about Watteau, I explored floral motifs with weaponry. I appreciate that Ex De Medici and the like have done this sort of thing before, but I thought it might be fun, and you can never be too derivative in art.

These may become etchings later, but they sure as hell won’t end up being lino. I experimented with linocut and the image ended up far too crude for the fine lines I was going for.

SPITE – a series of prints

I am making an illustrative series of etchings on the same plate, about spite houses.

A fine piece of architecture, just waiting for ominous urban sprawl to begin

Two houses on the same plate. The gradation in the background is plate tone solely.

Once again, it's all in the way you can push ink around on the plate

More houses appear. Still to come - three more etches

The same image in white ink

And finally..in sepia

“SPITE” is going to end up being a book – images only, no text. There are three more etches to put on the plate – three more progressions of the image. It’s all basic hard ground etching. I’ll put up more in a few months.

Can you really sum up everything in one picture?

I shouldn't ever use watercolour on cheap paper. I'm an idiot

I had to sum up my entire webshow in one picture. I frown a lot so...it's me frowning. Naturally.

I have had people contacting me, asking why they can’t subscribe to my internet review show and I worked out that the reason why was that I hadn’t done a header image, something I’d been putting off for a long time.

Most art for the internet is done digitally, and there are several reasons for that. Often it’s quicker, and easier to control. The art is already on the computer, so there is no need for scanning or photography. And one never has to deal with problems like the work being too large to effectively scan or photograph, or the paper or media reflecting the light badly, or being slightly uneven, causing unsightly shadows.

That’ll teach me to use watercolour in a sketchbook, rather than using watercolour paper, or 100% dry media.

I had to do an image for my blip show page. This is a difficult task, because my show is about several different things, meaning that each title card shows me reacting to something specific to the movie or TV show I’m reviewing. I couldn’t reference anything. I had to be as generic and bland as possible, but still have the image be about me. 

I shouldn’t have bothered doing an image this detailed (since it scanned so unevenly and isn’t 100% recognisable from a distance), although this has to be the first time I’ve really drawn my shirt properly.